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Chipman's Accounting has worked to help businesses in the Four Corners area grow and succeed for thirty years. In 2013 Ken Chipman sold the business to Geren Tea, a former employee and local resident. He and his staff are here to help you and your business with all your accounting and small business needs. If you have a question or business problem, you can trust in us to help you with timely and pertinent service. 

Chipman’s Accounting has become one of the largest accounting firms in the Four Corners, because of our year round dedication and support. We have gained a reputation of quality and excellence in our work. Chipman’s Accounting continues to grow, thanks in part to the success of our clients and their strong recommendations to other businesses in the area. 

We offer our clients so much: customized services, deep industry knowledge, varied resources. But here you’ll find out something even more important than what we do — and that’s who we are and how we work. You see, we approach everything we do with a different kind of attitude, an attitude of deep interest in our clients and of passion for their success. You won’t find other people who know, do, and care more than we do about your needs. 

Our business is one of service. In the future, the internet and this website will help us serve our clients even better than we do now. Our goal is to meet your needs, and if you need help with something that is not available on this website, please give us a call at (505) 327-5848. If we can’t help you, we can help you find someone who can. 

Chipman's Accounting. We're Here To Help 
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